The African YMCA - Our Work
Transformative Masculinity
By promoting peer initiatives, intergenerational dialogue and working with the media, AAYMCA is supporting the youth to re-order and shift from masculinity that relies on dominance and abuse to one of mutual respect and understanding. It is currently being piloted in Zimbabwe.

The programme was developed through a consultative process involving Y Clubs (at schools) and R Clubs (post school). The process reflected youth commitment to transform youth masculinity and comprised:

  • Baseline survey in 2009, involving 1200 youth
  • Participatory action research in 2010, involving 400 youth and a further 5 focus groups of youth and community members
  • Qualitative research in 2011, involving 100 youth
  • Continual desktop research
  • Programme development workshop in August 2011, involving 30 youth

Gender Change Catalysts – Selected from R Clubs (for school-going youth) and Y Clubs (for out-of-school youth), the catalysts:

  • engage in peer mentoring in the Y and R Clubs
  • coordinate the database and networking initiative
  • manage and facilitate the community forums
  • coordinate the celebrate life events

Partnership database directory – for networking with corporates, NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, community/traditional leaders, policy makers and implementers, and civil service providers such as police and health services.

Information library – archives made available to partnership and community on masculinity and gender.

Community Forums – for dialogue between male and female community members and leaders on gendered issues.

Celebrate Life Programme (CeLi)– Aimed at a younger age group, CeLi is a community youth celebratory event which provides space for male and female youth to socialise and express themselves in youthful ways.

Men and Women Communicating for Justice Project (MWCJ) – selected through participating R and Y Clubs, this project profiles ongoing gender discussions within the communities.